We specialize in applying our perfectly detailed creative arts on all kinds of practical products to offer appealing promotion incentives for advertising campaigns.

Our fashion products such as: bags, wallets etc. are available in outlets in Hong Kong, and sought after by buyers all over the world and loved by persons of all ages, particularly, ladies and the younger-aged children.

HosannArt 繪畫充滿童真的插畫,以一系列絢麗手繪創作展現赤子之心的純真色彩,由09年開始展開海外銷售,客戶包括歐美澳、阿聯猶、東南亞等。獨特手繪風格吸引的年齡層甚廣,包括學生、上班一族的年輕女士、以及親子的市場。